Vehicle Sourcing / Custom Builds

You have finally found it! Weeks, sometimes months of research has led you to the perfect vehicle that matches your exact preferences and lifestyle. Now that you’re sure of your decision, you cannot wait to get behind the wheel.

But alas, when the time comes, you hit a seemingly insurmountable roadblock. The vehicle isn’t in stock.

Have you and your dream vehicle come to the end of the road before your journey even began?

No! If your car is not in stock, you still have options. This article will cover how to order a vehicle that isn’t in stock.

Source the vehicle you want

The option of a Vehicle Sourcing is straightforward. It is also, potentially, one of the easiest ways to get the car that you want, if it is out of stock at the dealership you are working with to buy a car.

This option works when a dealership calls up another dealership to see if they have the car in stock. If the vehicle is in stock, the two dealerships will trade cars. The dealership with the car you want will drive the car down, and they will take a vehicle off your dealership’s lot to replace the empty spot in their inventory.

Fortunately, this is a common practice. There are many different models, sizes, colors, and special features offered in a car that it is impossible for one dealership to stock every car in one lot.

The only issue that arises with this option is if there are no dealers in the immediate area with the specifications you want. If this is the case, you may need to wait, possibly a few weeks, while the dealership finds and transports the car you desire.

Custom Factory Order

When you are ordering a car, you can get the exact specifications you want straight from the factory that produces it, right down to the thread color. If you want to know how to buy a car in a manner that matches your vision completely, you need to factory order your vehicle.

There is nothing like this experience. Albeit, the experience of buying a car as a factory order is not the quickest option, but it does guarantee you will get precisely what you want.

Here are some pointers you should be aware of when ordering your vehicle from the factory.

Factory Orders are Not Cheaper...Or More Expensive+
All the Parts are Factory Parts+